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fastEDM Python Package

Package Description


Empirical Dynamic Modeling (EDM) is a way to perform causal analysis on time series data. The fastEDM Python package implements a series of EDM tools, including the convergent cross-mapping algorithm.

Key features of the package:

  • powered by a fast multi-threaded C++ backend,
  • able to process panel data, a.k.a. multispatial EDM,
  • able to handle missing data using new dt algorithms or by dropping points.


To install the latest version from Github using pip run:

pip install 'fastEDM @ git+'

Example: Chicago crime levels and temperature

This example, looking at the causal links between Chicago’s temperature and crime rates, is described in full in our paper:

from fastEDM import easy_edm
import pandas as pd

url = ""
chicago = pd.read_csv(url)
chicago["Crime"] = chicago["Crime"].diff()

crimeCCMCausesTemp = easy_edm("Crime", "Temperature", data=chicago, verbosity=0)
#> No evidence of CCM causation from Crime to Temperature found.

tempCCMCausesCrime = easy_edm("Temperature", "Crime", data=chicago, verbosity=0)
#> Some evidence of CCM causation from Temperature to Crime found.

Stata & R packages

We have created the edm Stata package and are currently developing this package alongside the fastEDM R package. The fastEDM packages are direct ports of the Stata package to R & Python. As all the packages share the same underlying C++ code, their behaviour will be identical.

Other Resources

This site serves as the primary source of documentation for the package, though there is also:


  • Patrick Laub (author, maintainer),
  • Jinjing Li (author),
  • Michael Zyphur (author),
  • Edoardo Tescari (contributor),
  • Simon Mutch (contributor),
  • Rishi Dhushiyandan (contributor),
  • George Sugihara (originator)


Jinjing Li, Michael J. Zyphur, George Sugihara, Patrick J. Laub (2021), Beyond Linearity, Stability, and Equilibrium: The edm Package for Empirical Dynamic Modeling and Convergent Cross Mapping in Stata, Stata Journal, 21(1), pp. 220-258

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